Learn more about our company Bemetech: We clear all your questions

About us?
We are a Trader company with a presence in China and an office in Hong Kong, since 2014 we are dedicated to exporting from China to companies and individuals for imports of various products in Europe, EEUU, Asia, etc.
Our company works as a wholesale distributor of these products, so we can offer you good wholesale prices, as well as the best service and product at a very competitive price. We are committed to providing you with effective solutions that will help you to be more competitive in your market.
We are Buying Agents in China and we have a real company in China. We help you shop safely and ship anywhere in the world. We issue: Commercial Invoice, Packing List, BL and Certificate of Origin.

What kind of products can be purchased?
We can quote you any item based on a sample of your choice or according to a technical specification about the item. Request any type of product and in a short time we will present you the best quote on your item.

If you wish, you can manufacture and personalize your purchase by placing your brand and logo on the products, in addition to the packaging, manuals, boxes, etc. You just have to make the order according to the MOQ and we could include what you need at no additional cost, in addition to ensuring you meet the requested quality requirements.
The level of customization of the products depends on what you need. Get better prices for the transport of your order, door to door service.
How to buy?
We have classified the products we handle in various categories with complete catalogs. The visitor, after reviewing our catalogs that are published by category or specialty in the Business Opportunities section, evaluating the technical characteristics, images and details, would have to send us their request and request a quote by clicking the Request Quote button.
Then we will deliver the formal or Proforma Invoice detailed quotation with the account details to make the purchase deposit. The dispatch can be done by air or by sea, depending on the size, volume and weight of the merchandise. We will quote you FOB or FCA price in China and we can also quote you the shipping service to your country, either DAP price (home delivery) by air for purchases of samples and small quantities or CIF price (delivery at port) by sea for purchase of large volumes from 1 CBM (CBM: cubic meter) to containers. It will contain all the data for importing the product as well as the payment method.

What are the payment options?

We accept bank transfer from your account in your country to our business account in China.
We accept payments through our PayPal business account.
You can also pay through our Alibaba Gold Member platform.
How are products shipped?
There are two ways to send orders, air or sea.
By Air: We ship by commercial courier door-to-door services such as DHL, Fedex, UPS or similar. Applicable for purchasing samples or purchasing small volumes such as electronics or watches. Also also through Air Cargo from airport to airport. The air transport time is about 5 to 7 days on average depending on the country and city of destination.
By Sea: We use the best logistics operators to ship loose cargo such as LCL or consolidated cargo in FCL containers, both 20GP or 40HQ. The crossing time is about 30 to 40 days depending on the port of the country and the port of destination.

Is there a guarantee for the purchase?
All products are warranted for 1 to 2 years, depending on what you are buying and the annual supply agreement for your business. We have the best prices for the transport of purchased products, with door-to-door service even for containers. Customs taxes will be borne by the importer in each country.
You can also review the Warranty Conditions that we offer.

Are the products certified?
That’s right, we issue the Certificate of Origin for the products we export from China. In addition, depending on the type of product to buy, they can have CE Certification, FDA Registration, NIOSH Certification, FCC Certificate, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices, Certificate of Free Sale, etc.
To see what certification each product has, review our catalogs and request them at the time of purchase.
Why buy with us?
Competitive prices: Through agreements with the most important manufacturers, we can improve any offer you have on a product, you can put us to the test.
Guaranteed quality: We have specialized inspectors who will closely monitor the products, from raw material, manufacturing, to final delivery.