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We are your supplier in China

We are in Hong Kong and China, able to help you to find the best quality at the best prices. We are your providers in China, count with a strict quality control, work always with the Chinese producers and take care of the supervision of all the process. The way we work is the following:


  1. Subscribe to our web utilizing our form, and then you will receive a confirmation and be able to perform your order of the product you need to import. You can also detail the product through a technical specification or the delivery of a sample. We dispose of a database of many providers in China we have worked with and we can guarantee that we will deliver a product with the best relation price and quality.
  2. Once the request has been done, we will search the providers to prepare a quote according to your necessities. It is important that you send us your budget so we can improve the price or improve the quote.
  3. Once we receive a confirmation from you the definitive amount will be negotiated, same as the fabrication times, delivery time and shipping method, being either by air (samples and small amounts) or by sea (pallets or containers).
  4. We take care of the daily tracking and perform the necessary periodical quality controls to secure that the order meets the requirements.
Quality Control

Other Services

We develop other services that will make ease the purchase management of Chinese suppliers.


  • INSPECTION: Includes the services of verification of suppliers, inspection in factory facilities, quality controls through the fabrication process, making of process and quality report, verification before the dispatch.
  • QUALITY CONTROL: Elaboration of the products controls from the raw material, during the manufacturing process, in addition to the pre-shipment inspection. Guaranteeing that they meet the defined technical and quality requirements, besides verification of the respective quality certificates.
  • PURCHASING AGENT: The services that includes the search of providers, sample of products, prices negotiation, quality control, shipment control, final inspection, final payment and logistic services with complete international insurance.
  • BUSINESS VISITS TO FAIRS: Include the services of guided visits to fairs, specialized markets and factories, we have personal in China with domain in English, Spanish and Chinese languages, for any business consultation.
  • PRODUCTS CATALOG: Selling products wholesale and retail, making of merchandising products, etc.

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You can trust in our company and our experience doing business in China since 2014.

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