6 innovative products ideal to import in 2021

1. Hidden cameras
Cool new products like this hidden camera are so covert no one would expect it to be anything other than a USB wall charger. Sometimes a hidden camera is exactly what a buyer needs to keep their business, family, or prized possessions safe. This new product example will trend upward for a while, as the security industry is booming right now. If you are looking for a profitable niche to dive into, this is a clear winner.

2. Bio Magnetic Ear Stickers for Weight Loss
These magnetic biological ear stickers help you lose weight by applying pressure to a specific part of the ear. It acts as a form of acupuncture. Since the magnets put pressure on your ears, they help stimulate blood flow. According to several acupuncturists, there is some validity that magnets can help you lose weight. If you are considering selling these new products, be sure not to make any claims. You can use language like “helps to stimulate blood flow for weight loss” or “can aid weight loss.”

3. Diamond-shaped ice cube tray
While a standard ice cube tray is practical for everyday use, the diamond-shaped ice cube tray is perfect for special events. If you’re selling this trending product, consider tapping into the bridal niche first. You can sell these new products on Instagram using pictures of the ice cubes in different settings.

4. Mini eye massage device
We all want to look our best and this new product on the market is an example of a product we love. It helps reduce the signs of tiredness and fatigue, which everyone suffers at some point in their life. Try creating before and after videos to show your audience the true value of this visual messaging device, while creating advertising around the product. Remember that customers don’t normally buy a single health care product at a time, so combining this great device with eye cream or gel eye masks to really give them what they need will lead to customers happy.

5. Essential oil diffuser with LED lights
Oil diffusers have been on the market for a while now, but these newer, fresher examples of the product are great. Oil diffusers now come in all shapes and sizes, just like this style of headlight so you can match your diffuser with your home d├ęcor with ease. To be a successful dropshipper, you must know your audience. Understanding what style of new products you are looking for can help you stock your online store with new products that target your customer directly. Take the time to review our selection of new oil diffusers to choose the right ones for your audience.

6. Inflatable toys
While popular during the summer season, you can practically sell inflatable toys year-round. A good idea is to flash sales of this item during winters. And once the summer season rolls around, just price the product as you normally would. This lightweight product is convenient for customers to carry with them, and due to its compact size, it also qualifies for e-packet shipping.

These are just a few of the great new products you could sell right now. There are new products coming out all the time. To find these trendy products before anyone else, you can do a simple research or consult us.