10 things you need to know about the Canton Fair

One of the most famous fairs in the world is the Canton Fair, in Guangzhou (China). The China Import and Export Fair is held twice a year for three weeks each. More than 20 thousand companies have participated in this fair for more than 50 years, which is why many traders visit Guangzhou.

If you want to visit this fair, it is important to bear in mind that it is a different country, with a different language and customs that can be peculiar, and it is important to have allies like Buy from China to get the most out of your visit, especially in matters such as get an early registration, and all the logistics to make the most of your stay in China and have a productive visit to it.

1.- The Canton Fair is not a business, it is a fair to accumulate contacts and company names, product catalogs, etc. It is important to optimize time as much as possible due to the large influx of people, and the language difference takes up some time in translation and attention. We are sure that you choose to make the pilgrimage as much as you can.

2.- If you do not speak English fluently, you should not worry, at Bemetech we can take care of translations to facilitate your communication with manufacturers and avoid errors or misunderstandings in the language that in commercial matters can be atrocious.

3.- In China business cards are distributed with both hands, receive them equally. Do not keep it immediately, or put it in the back pocket of your pants, or in the wallet that you are going to put that pocket, it is considered offensive since it seems that you choose to “sit” on them. Keep it in your hand, read it or put it in a front pocket.

4.- Always greet the senior or oldest one first, this type of attention is very essential for them.

5.- Laugh! (No exaggeration) even in the business world the Chinese are very friendly and open to people who are ecstatic and greet with a smile.

6.- Try not to attend alone. The Chinese do not take into account a single entrepreneur, on the contrary they come with more interest to a group or delegation, it inspires them with more trust and credibility.

7.- Don’t talk about politics. China is a communist country, and although many teenagers disagree with this regime system, many older people still support its system.

8.- If the subject of food causes you stress, you should not worry. Some dishes are spicier than others, but oddities are often more optically discernible in popular markets than in restaurants. Or if you choose us, we can advise you on this issue as well.

9.- If they invite you to eat, it is good that you know that usually the first thing they offer you is jasmine tea and from there they bring dishes. You must eat all the rice; in China, it is thought that it is an unfortunate coincidence to leave rice in the cup. Don’t even tip, it’s offensive.

10.- If you already know a client or supplier and choose to take charge of a gift, never give watches. For the Chinese, giving a watch can mean wishing for death.

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