Machinery and food production line in hand to produce and produce large volume per day. Make sandwiches and snacks of extruded products, fried bagged foods, animal and pet foods, processed foods such as rice, wheat and cereals. Design and dimensioning of production line according to a need of each client, manufactured in stainless steel and with Certification for use in the food sector. Automated system with state-of-the-art technology, worked with specialized factories and with many years of experience in the field. We provide technical support before and during the installation of equipment, we organize personnel training in use, as well as guarantee and after sales support.


Advice and training before and during the installation of the equipment.
Trip of the technicians to the buyer’s country during the installation.
1 year warranty for the production line.
Sales and spare parts service during the guarantee period.
Spare parts in permanent stock.
A quantity of spare parts can be sent if requested.
Support at all times after the guarantee.

Processing Line of Fried Cheetos
Processing Line of Stuffed and Swollen Snacks
Processing Line of Cereals and Corn Flakes
Nutritional Rice Processing Line
Vegetarian and Protéica Meat Processing Line
Salt Food Processing Line
Processing Line of French Fries, Tortillas and Doritos
Processing Line of Nutritious Foods in Powder
Bread Crumb Processing Line
Animal and Pet Food Processing Line
Fried Extrusion Snacks Processing Line
Fried Pasta Processing Line
Noodle Processing Line for Instant Soup
Double Screw Extruder Machines
Drying Machines
Fryers and Conveyors
Packing and Bagging Machines

Delta inverter
LG air switch
Omron / Fuji retransmission
Touch screen Delta
Delta inverter
ABB motor
Main engine of Siemens China
Italy Baltur Burner

We are Agent Representatives in China.
We are buying agents in China and we have a real company in China.
We support it with the purchase process, we ship anywhere in the world.
We have several production lines of the latest generation.
We have other teams that can ask to quote.
We have catalogs in pdf.
The purchase is billed in the name of your company in your country.
The prices will be FOB in China, the cost of shipping to your country is quoted (CIF)