What to do if you get scammed? Find out how to avoid it

First of all I want to say that there is really not much to do when they scam you, if a Chinese provider scams you it is very easy for them to change their number and name, since they only give you the first name and it might not be their real name . In addition, the cell phone number and Wechat can be canceled without difficulty and use a new one later.

If they scam you from China, a lot depends on how they do it and the amount for which they have scammed you. The following mistakes are usually made:

1) Pay by Western Union: There are sellers who only accept this means of payment and do not have a company or anything formal in China, so they use personal accounts to receive money. Never send money by this means unless it is a family member or friend, since there is no way to claim even a company.

2) List of Suppliers: Many times everything is paid without ensuring that it is a real company and they only trust the recommendation of others. It is not always a good idea to buy a supplier list from someone who does not assure anything, because it is always better to build your own base, product of our own work and business relationships with suppliers in China.

3) Sending a lot of money: As the purchase level also increases the amounts, then Paypal or Aliexpress is no longer useful to buy. If you are going to send more than US $ .30,000 then do it in parts, use your bank to transfer and if possible invest about US $ .2000 and travel to China. If you are going to exceed US $ .100,000 or the Million USD then use Letter of Credit, you are already on another level and you cannot risk that much.

4) Avoid Paying Taxes: The way that some use to pay less taxes is to pay by Western Union and only by bank the part that will be declared, but this is risky in the long run, nobody assures you that the seller disappears with your money. Always pay on company account.

5) Lack of knowledge: If you are going to become an entrepreneur then read, never leave free time without reading and learning on your own, enter courses or see a lot of information on the Internet. Do not risk your money for a story that anyone can tell you, inform yourself, become an entrepreneur and do not risk your money for ignorance, now all the information is at hand.

As you will see in my recommendations, if the amount is small then it is better to forget about it and seek to improve the management of future purchases as indicated above. But if the amount is very large if it could justify the investment for legal management. You should also restructure your company on the purchase method for very large amounts of money. But keep in mind that this can take several months.