How to import from China: know the buying stages in Bemetech

Marketing/ May 7, 2021/ News

Knowing how to import from China can be a headache for anyone who does not know the process and wants to do it for the first time, there are many doubts that arise when importing, luckily, in Bemetech we have with all the necessary tools to carry out the entire import process in each of its stages effectively, and always

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Electric Motorcycles and Scooters for Adults

Marketing/ January 16, 2021/ Business

ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES FOR CITY USE Electric motorcycles and scooters in various models and configurations, for more efficient and pollution-free transportation, as well as energy savings. Very easy to use, they have long-lasting rechargeable batteries, in addition to having a large load capacity for two passengers, they have a speedometer, brake control, hazard lights and headlight, as well as other optional

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Women’s Wallets and Bags

Marketing/ January 15, 2021/ Business

BAGS AND WALLETS IN VARIOUS DESIGNS We present the option of importing wallets and handbags in various designs from China, manufactured in attractive and innovative models, made of high-quality PU material. You can buy stocks from 30 to 100 units per model. If you want to manufacture with your brand and logo from 300 units per model. You can also

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Various Toys for Children

Marketing/ November 27, 2020/ Business

TOYS FOR KIDS – THOUSANDS OF MODELS Toys for children, in various models and designs, educational toys, dollhouse, children’s toys, toys for girls, remote control cars, drones and airplanes, dolls, beach toys, walkers, etc. Made from quality plastic and electronic components, order for bulk purchase and container shipping MODEL CATALOG To be able to see our catalog of toys for

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Marketing/ June 27, 2020/ Business

Go into the paper business for various uses in the office, business or at home, buy white, A4 size Bond Paper in reams of 500 sheets for 70, 75 and 80 grams. Also toilet or toilet paper of various colors, made with bamboo pulp, in 1, 2 and 3 layers. We have various types of Thermal Paper for use in

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Marketing/ August 14, 2019/ Business

We are looking for investors who are interested in starting to import electric scooters from China. The best quality live from the factory, the materials in aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, very popular in Europe. The scooters of various designs for adults and children, skateboard type, mono wheel and 2 wheels, in different colors and presentations. Scooters full team to

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