Robot Vacuum Cleaner

We present the latest generation robots for the home, the cleaning robots with vacuum system, cleaning and floor mopping. We also have window cleaning robots that work automatically. All models are controlled by remote control or also with an application from the smartphone. The factory has international certifications CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS and robotics specialist for home.


The new robot vacuum cleaner of last generation, there is no other equal in the market.
The robot has functions to clean, mop and vacuum the house automatically.
It does not need intervention, everything does it alone.
It does not fall down the stairs.
Avoid obstacles.
Go up the carpet.
Schedule and supervise the work from your cell phone with free App.
Wifi remote control.

The team can buy OEM without brand or can place the logo, it depends on minimum purchases.
You can buy from 1 unit for samples and discounts in 100 units.
The equipment is from the factory and the robotics specialist for the home.

Charging time: 4-6 hours
Certification: CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS
Work Time: 90-120 minutes
Unit size: 325 x 325 x 56 mm (varies with the model)
Battery: 14.8 V
Noise: 55-65 dB
Input Voltage: 100-240 V (autovoltage)
Battery Capacity: 2000 mA Lithium Battery
Dust Capacity: 0.25 L (depending on model)
Output Voltage: 19 V

Anti Collision: 10 pairs of infrared lights on the front, reduce blind spots to avoid obstacles.
WIFI Control application: long-range control, cutting-edge technology, greater precision, greater sensitivity.
Wireless Remote Control: The control of the cleaning robot is not affected by obstacles such as walls or furniture.
Water Tank Dust Box: We have made the dust and water tank into one, never seen in the market.
3 in 1: Clean, Suction and Trapp. 1000 Pa of suction power.
Anti Fall: 4 pairs of sensors in the robot prevent it from falling down the stairs and adjust the route.
Automatic Safety Stop: Automatic safety system stops suction when lifted off the ground.
Double Brush: Double side brush that allows greater cleaning efficiency for areas up to 150 m2.
Dry / Humed Mopping Function: With a water tank for wet and dry mopping system.
Automatic Recharge: The robot searches for the charging station and automatically connects when the battery is low.
All Terrain Wheel: The robot climbs a 15 ° slope and climbs 1.5 cm in height.
Automatic Cleaning: The automatic robot cleans the floor without any intervention from you.
Intelligent Voice: When you operate it the robot can talk

1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1 Automatic Charger
1 Remote Control
1 Power Adapter and Power Cable
Spares and Accessories
Manual and Factory Warranty

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