Inspection Services in China: We tell you all about the audit of Suppliers in China

Inspection services in China, especially when performed in a timely manner, can save you a lot of time and money on any importation, especially merchandise from China. That is why it is ideal to have a service that ensures that the chosen supplier has all the required production capacities, as it is the most important decision when outsourcing purchases in China.

Our inspection services in China are performed to all manufacturing companies in the country. We provide inspection services for manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, governments, and international buyers and sellers of goods and products. These are the most important steps:

1. Pre-production inspection in China:
Once the first contact with the supplier has been made, and the quality, price, payment method and delivery times have been agreed, it is necessary to carry out a previous inspection of the supplier to have a real vision of the factory . During this inspection, important aspects such as:

Factory conditions and capabilities: facilities, manufacturing process and personnel.
Supplier documentation: quality certificates, company registration and export license.
Verification of raw materials before production begins: the product design sheet will be verified and understood by the agents involved in its process;
At Buy from China we offer you to monitor and control your order, just before the serial production of your order begins. The objective of this inspection is to carry out an arduous verification that the manufacturer of your goods is clear about the requirements and requirements added to your order, so that no problems arise after having made the payment for the production.

2. Inspection During Production
It is recommended that this inspection be performed when at least 10% of the order is complete. This will allow you to discover problems in the early stages of production, thus allowing you to take the necessary corrective actions so that your order can be completed successfully. It will also help you keep track of whether the production process is on schedule. This type of inspection is very important as it will help you define the direction of your production from the beginning.

3. Pre-Shipment Inspection
In this phase of the inspection service, the quality of the production can be verified before its shipment to its final destination, and it is considered the most important inspection to confirm the quality level of the entire shipment. Normally it requires that the production be finished or that at least 90% of the products are packed in boxes. This inspection phase in China is carried out at the manufacturer’s dispatch warehouse or at the port of shipment.

One of the advantages of hiring this service is that we will verify the materials, composition, dimensions, quantity, appearance, operation, packaging, labels, certificates and identification of the merchandise for transport. In addition, after the inspection is carried out, you will be sent a detailed report with all the news and positive points, as well as statistics, and key data such as percentage of defects. The order could even be rejected if the specifications have not been met.

4. Container Loading Supervision
In the supervision of container loading we will be aware of the activities during the moments when your order is entered into the containers, verifying the quantity of the product, the conditions of the container and ensuring the correct handling of your cargo. A simple quality check is carried out before loading to verify that the product type and packing details meet your requirements.