Guide to import smartphones from China with us

With the leading trend of Chinese brand smartphones in the global market, there are many potential opportunities to develop the imported smartphone business in various countries in the world. That is why today we bring you this guide to import smartphones from China.

Why is it economically convenient to import smartphones from China?
Smartphone manufacturers in China can conveniently put household components and materials to use, thereby saving overhead and unnecessary costs.

Most importantly, compared to other brands that pay royalties for intellectual property, Chinese smartphone makers are favored by a series of policies put in place by the government to promote the maturation of their high-tech industries.

Because of their distinguished features: the wide range of selections and the novel design in both the camera lens and the appearance, the smartphones from China seem invincible in the way of conquering the increasingly demanding international users with different needs.

How to import smartphones from China with us?
At Bemetech we will take care of all the arrangements for you to import cell phones from China in various configurations, the advantage? You can even put your brand and logo, both for 2G / 3G Feature Phones and 3G / 4G Smartphones.

We will take care of the entire process from the moment of manufacture, until the final shipment, going through all the supervision phases so that the product that reaches your hands is exactly the one requested.

Our Catalog
Catalog models show various MOQ purchase minimums for 1000, 3000 or 5000 units per model. There are also IPRO branded and OEM products that you can brand. We have catalogs, manuals and certificates for the models presented. In addition to many other brands available.