Everything you need to know about buying in China and importing all kinds of products

China is fast becoming a manufacturing superpower, manufacturing a large proportion of the world’s consumer products. Buying from China has proven to be a successful global sourcing tactic for many companies. This represents a fantastic opportunity for you as a buyer and reseller.

However, it is not an easy task, especially for newbies. The import process can be extremely complex and confusing. For this reason, our company provides a purchasing agent service in China for clients who seek to buy a wide variety of products, with endless suppliers and experiences in wholesale markets and factories throughout the Chinese territory. Today we will teach you everything you need to know about buying in China and importing all kinds of products

1. Identify the merchandise you want to import from China

Choosing the right products guarantees you a successful sales, while choosing the wrong ones means you are wasting time and money. If you are going to be a successful importer, the first thing to do is choose the right product to resell.

You need something that stands out if you’re going to put your business name behind it, so find something to be proud to sell. Your products don’t just define your business. Your products are your business! Learn about the incredible variety of products we have to buy in China here.

Your main consideration is choosing a product that you can sell. In most cases, it would be ideal to choose products that you would buy yourself or that you would at least know a lot about. The products you sell are fundamental to everything that is done in your business. They will affect your marketing, your profit margins, and the layout you use.

2. Choose the best merchandise brands to import from China
After choosing your product, it is important to choose among the best brands in the Chinese market. We know that this task may not be easy, that is why our company has important alliances with factories as well as representations in China. We are representatives and distributors of factories very popular in their field in China for their quality and innovation, they are the following brands.

3. You need supervision during the entire production process of your purchase in China

It is essential to monitor and control your order, just before the serial production of your order begins until the moment of packaging. In our Buy From China inspection service, we divide this process into four fundamental steps:

3.1 Previous inspection: The objective of this inspection is to carry out an arduous verification that the order is carried out as it was requested, in order that there are no problems after having made the payment for the production.

Among the activities to be highlighted in this service, is the verification of raw materials before production starts, the product design sheet will be verified and understood by the agents involved in the process.

3.2 Inspection During Production: This process is carried out when at least 10% of the order is completed. This will avoid problems in the first stages of production, thus allowing corrective actions to be taken if necessary, so that your order can be completed successfully. It will also help you keep track of whether the production process is on schedule. This type of inspection is very important because it allows you to define the direction of your production from the beginning.

3.3 Pre-Shipment Inspection: The pre-shipment inspection is the most important inspection to confirm the quality level of the entire shipment. Normally it requires that the production be finished or that at least 90% of the products are packed in boxes. This inspection phase in China is carried out at the manufacturer’s dispatch warehouse or at the port of shipment.

3.4 Chinese pre-shipment inspection: After the inspection, it is necessary to know in detail all the news and positive points of the production, such as statistics, key data such as percentage of defects.

Final step: Everything is ready to send the container with your imports from China.
After carrying out the entire inspection process by our experts, in the supervision of container loading it is essential to be aware of the activities during the moments when your order is entered into the containers, verifying the quantity of the product, the conditions container and ensuring the correct handling of its cargo. A simple quality check should be carried out before loading to verify that the product type and packing details meet your requirements.

Why buy from us in China?
Competitive prices: Through agreements with the most important manufacturers, we can improve any offer you have on a product, put us to the test.
Guaranteed quality: We have specialized inspectors who will closely monitor the products, from raw material, manufacturing, to final delivery.
Experience: Like you, we have also been buyers, we understand their needs and we put ourselves in their shoes, so we know how to optimize each of the product purchasing processes.
Personalized treatment: We are at your entire disposal, for whatever you need and we can attend you in 3 languages: Spanish, English and Chinese.