Business Opportunities

Outdoor Led Lighting

REFLECTORS AND LED LAMPS Various solutions for outdoor lighting based on led lights, powered by solar energy, such as lamps, reflectors, luminaires and others. Its uses are diverse, both indoors and outdoors, for industrial use, lighting large areas such as stadiums, fields, warehouses, green areas and other multiple applications. All have international certifications and demanding …

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Food Cars and Trucks

MOBILE FOOD KIOSKS AND CAMPING TRUCKS Made of good quality steel and using the accessories for the complete equipment that your business needs, whether it is for food carts or trucks or for mobile or country homes. Have your mobile and rolling business, such as food kiosks, clothing or whatever product you need to offer. …

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Cosmetics and Makeup

BEAUTY PRODUCTS IN VARIOUS STYLES Manufacture all kinds of makeup with your brand, with quality cosmetics for lipstick, shadows, nail polishes, etc., in multiple colors and designs. You can customize your order on both the product and the packaging, as well as buying in bulk for packing in your country. Manufactured with the best raw …

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Accessories and Elements for Furniture in Wood and Melamine

MISCELLANEOUS ACCESSORIES FOR FURNITURE, CLOSETS AND OTHERS We present various accessories for the manufacture of wood or melamine furniture, such as legs, screws, handles, metal rails, hinges, supports, structures, etc., which apply in the manufacture of armchairs, sofas, wardrobes, wardrobes, beds and everything. type of office and home furniture. Made of metal, such as stainless …

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