Canton Fair 2021 – Autumn Edition

Well known among Chinese product importers, the Canton Fair returns for its 130th edition. In 2020, the coronavirus epidemic forced organizers to launch an online version of the event. As a result, the fair, which previously hosted some 200,000 visitors in Guangzhou, was held online three times. The next edition of this famous event will take place both online and offline for the first time. What will the Canton Fair 2021 – Autumn Edition be like?

Canton Fair
The Canton Fair, or China Import and Export Fair, is organized by the China Foreign Trade Center. It takes place twice a year, in two editions: spring and autumn. It is visited by up to 200,000 people from all over the world. There they have the opportunity to get acquainted with the wide offer of Chinese suppliers on the spot. During the Canton Fair, not only the biggest Chinese exporters present their products, but also international companies.

The traditional version of the Canton Fair is divided into three parts, each covering different industries

Canton Fair Online
Three editions of the fair, which was organized online, completely changed its shape. The organizers had to adapt to the restrictions related to the pandemic and face a huge challenge to be able to attend the fair.

The event held on the Internet was not divided into three parts. Thanks to this, importers had access to offers from various industries throughout its duration. Innovative solutions allowed easy contact with vendors, organizing conversations and negotiation meetings online. Participants of the online fair were also able to participate in live product presentations, conducted in different languages, and virtual reality exhibits.

The Canton Fair allowed international businessmen to attend such an important event without planning a trip to China. The success of the first edition of Canton Fair Online resulted in the next two being held online as well.

Canton Fair Autumn Edition 2021: Online and Offline
In 2021, the spring edition of the Canton Fair took place online. When it comes to the upcoming fall edition, the event organizers can finally host it in the offline version in China. However, this year they have decided to merge both forms, online and offline. What will the Canton Fair be like this fall?

The event held in Guangzhou will maintain its previous traditional structure. It will start on October 15 and end on November 3 and will be divided into three parts as before. The first will contain mainly electronics, lighting and machinery, the second, consumer goods, ornaments and gifts, while the third, textiles, footwear, office supplies and all kinds of medical equipment. Each phase will last for four days.

The fair will occupy an area of ​​1,185 million m2 and approximately 60,000 stands. During all phases, participants will be able to familiarize themselves with products from 16 different categories and 51 sections. In addition, in the area of ​​the Canton Fair, there will also be an exhibition “Special products for rural revitalization”. It will take place in both online and offline versions.

Attention! Due to the epidemic situation, travel to China is still restricted. Those authorized to arrive are required to undergo a quarantine of 14 or even 21 days. In addition, travel around the country and the reception of foreigners in hotels are also limited. As a result, although the autumn edition of the Canton Fair will be held in China, it will not be accessible to international visitors. Participation for the offline event is only possible for those who are currently in China.

Is it worth attending the Fair?
The Canton Fair is an excellent occasion for international importers to get acquainted with the wide range of products from Chinese exporters. The main advantage of these events is the ability to see and check the quality of the products on site and face-to-face contact with the vendors. This way you can talk to a supplier and negotiate the price. Therefore, we encourage you to attend the Canton Fair and check out what the local vendors have to offer. Even if you can’t visit the fair, fortunately, you can still meet business partners online.