5 innovative products ideal to import from China

If you are starting your business, or if you want to expand your stock with new products, China offers an infinite number of attractive options for importing. Taking into account that you have Buy from China to manage the entire purchasing process in bulk, we present you 5 innovative products ideal to import from China.

1. Scooters for Children and Youth

Electric scooters for children, youth and adults are currently highly sought after for fun, recreation or mobility in the city. In different designs and with various functions for children, made of metal and plastic, with lights and fun effects, this product will not go unnoticed in your business. Also scooters for young people or adults made of metal such as Aluminum alloy and also in Carbon Fiber. They come with speed control, night lighting headlights, back light and siren, in addition, accessories such as other GPS can be added according to the client’s request. Very easy to use, they have long-lasting rechargeable batteries, as well as having great durability.

2. Gamers Chairs

Gaming Chairs are ideal for people who spend many hours in front of a computer, and they have become especially popular in video game players, since they are manufactured with excellent quality and a super ergonomic design that makes it the most comfortable of chairs in the market.

3. Smart Home Domotics – Smart House

This innovative product will allow you to control infrared signal equipment in your home, as well as security systems and even spotlights. We present the RSH brand for Home Automation or Smart Home equipment, all of them can be controlled from your cell phone, either Android or Iphone type. Make your home smart with these various state-of-the-art equipment.

4. 3d printers

We present to you the filament 3D printers, as well as the innovative resin 3D printers. 3D printers can use 1, 2 and 3 filaments in different colors at the same time, to print multiple designs in various colors. You can also use the resin 3D printers with UV light, which gives you superior print quality, without leaving any burrs at the end. They also have several applications from educational to professional for dentists for example. Check our catalog for more details and order samples or wholesale. Manuals in several languages ​​and tutorial videos to learn how to use them in all their functions.

5. Bluetooth headphones for sports

These headphones are becoming more and more popular among those who enjoy listening to music while running, cycling or, in general, practicing any sport. This product is one of the most sought after among athletes, as many feel motivated accompanying their training with music, in addition to expressing that it helps them concentrate, increase the rhythm and make those long-term workouts more bearable.