Smartwatch GPS 520

$39.95 $37.55

GPS/LBS positioning and monitoring

Children can use watch to talk with they parents

Mobile client sends instructions, the watch will start 10 seconds recording function, and transmitted to the mobile phone

Mobile client dial the SOS number, the watch will automatic answering

When Children arrived or leave school, they parent mobile will receive the message

Open the Bluetooth mode, when the kids away from 15M with parents, the mobile will alarm to remind

SOS emergency call



1.★- In case of emergency, press the SOS button, the message for help will be sent to the guardian.【✔Provide 45 DAYS Money-Back & 12-MONTH Worry-Free!】
2.★ – GPS satellites and base stations dual monitoring positioning to achieve all-day real-time location tracking.
3.★- Open Bluetooth anti-lost function, it will send an alarm when out of range. (Reference Range: 5-10M)
4.★- High sensitivity microphone, real-time monitoring surrounding sound when the user is in emergency.
5.★- You can talk to each other, you can set 13 family number for Real-Time call. 【What’s in the Package?】1 * MindKoo 520 Anti-Lost Kids Smartwatch, 1 * Charging Head, 1 * Charging Cable, 1 * Instructions, 1 * Packing Box

1. The Electronic Fence: Designate an area on the map using the as a center, it will immediately send APP and SMS alarms when it is out of the area
2. Historical Trajectory: Check running track anywhere and anytime
3. GSM Quad-band System: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
4. Time display: GPS precise timing, without having to manually adjust the time
5. Pedometer: Can calculate the user’s walking steps
6. Bluetooth Anti-Lost: Open the Bluetooth and Pair with Mobile Phone, then Never Worry About Kids Missing
7. Accurate Positioning: GPS + LBS + Gyroscope Position
8. Electronic Fence, Smart Alarm: PC or Phone APP Setting Electronic Fence, then Kids come in or out of the Fence or Both, the mobile phone will alarm auto.
9. SIM Card: the SIM card frequency must be 2G (GSM), it is not available for the CDMA/WCDMA SIM card.
10. GPRS: the SIM card put in watch must be open the GPRS service, about 30MB/month is enough.
11. GPS Function: Please kindly note, if it’s still can not locate when you put the SIM card in the watch. Please take it outdoor to get the GPS signal, then it will locate to your side and all the other functions available.
– Battery: 350mAh
– Material: ABS + Silicone
– Screen: OLED
– GPRS: Class12
– Wearing Mode: Wearable
– Connect: GSM(2G) Micro SIM Card
– GPS dB: -159dBm
– GSM/GPS: MTK6260/UBLOX7020
– GSM Frequency: 850MHz/900MHz/1900MHz
– Position Precision: 10m 2DRM
– Pedometer: Support
– Speaker: Support
– Time Basis: 24-Hour Clock
The GPS’s precision can not compare with Professional GPS devices. If it is can not locate when you put the 2G Micro Sim card in the watch, please take it out of the house to get the GPS signal, then it will locate to your side and do all the other functions.