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In this section you will find recommendations about business opportunities to make from purchases in China. We will present the necessary information about the product or solution presented, description and technical data, catalog in PDF, photos, videos and also data of the minimum order. For more information you can write to our contact form to be able to quote your requirement.


  • We are looking for investors who are interested in starting to import electric scooters from China. The best quality live from the factory, the materials in aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, very popular in Europe. The scooters of various designs for adults and children, skateboard type, mono wheel and 2 wheels, in different colors and presentations. Scooters full team to choose to distribute in your country, ask for their catalog. If you want to be a distributor in your country. Then we wait for your contact to place your order. Write to our form on our website, only serious buyers with experience in importing from China or who wish to venture into the business. You can also write us in

  • We have a large catalog of carts, motorcycles and other great toys for children, write us to order your catalog by mail and you can place your orders. Minimum order: 100 units 40HQ container: Various models Price: Write us for more information. If you want to be a distributor in EEUU, Europe, etc. Then we wait for your contact to place your order.

  • INSTALL SMART HOME EQUIPMENT IN YOUR HOME We present the RSH brand for Domotic or Smart Home equipment, they can control their cell phone or Android. Click on smart home with various state-of-the-art equipment, control your infrared signal equipment, control outlets and light bulbs in your home, as well as security in your home with cameras and smart door entry videos. MAKE YOUR HOME INTELLIGENT Control all electronic devices in your home with your smartphone. Infrared control of televisions, DVD, Blueray, sound equipment, air conditioning, vacuum cleaner, etc. with a single computer. Intelligent saver focuses, control the intensity, electricity consumption and also the colors. Intelligent receptacles controllable from the cell phone via WiFi. Cloud cameras to monitor what happens in

  • Gaming chairs for people who spend many hours in front of a computer, it can be used by video game players, since they are manufactured with excellent quality and an ergonomic super design that makes it the most comfortable chair in the market. Ask for your quote now and buy safely with our support. KEEP IN MIND: The equipment can be purchased OEM without brand or you can place the logo, it depends on minimum purchases. Wholesale purchases in containers. The products are factory in China. BUY WHOLESALE: Get better prices direct from the factory. Buy products with international certifications. Original designs and custom packaging. Get better prices for the transport of your container, door to door service. BENEFITS: We

  • EDUCATIONAL GAMES FOR NESTS, KEEPERS AND SCHOOLS Playground for children. Equip your school, nursery or nest with games and accessories. Install also the Playground in your School, Nest or Nursery. Buy from China with security and we deliver it to you in your premises, guarantee of excellent quality. Variety of products: – Playground – Slides, Swings, Accessories – Quality Artificial Grass – Furniture such as Tables, Chairs, Furniture, etc. – Educational games

  • MACHINES AND SUPPLIES FOR THE FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY Machinery and supplies for the footwear industry, manufacture by injection molding with new and modern machines of the latest technology. Make diverse footwear such as shoes, boots, booties, sandals, soles and plants of all kinds of material, by injection of PVC / TR / TPU / TPR. Tip and heel assembly machines, punching machines, guillotines, sorbeteras, shaper, oven, tools, etc. Voltage of 380 V, various automated models and custom designed. In addition to all types of supplies Wholesale for the footwear sector. MISCELLANEOUS MACHINES: Variable Speed ​​Grinding and Polishing Machine Dust collector Leather Divider Machine Flattening Hammering Machine Vacuum Forming Machine Steam Humidifier Machine Hot Press Machine Heater and Ironing Machine Pneumatic and

  • FOOD PROCESSING LINES Machinery and food production line in hand to produce and produce large volume per day. Make sandwiches and snacks of extruded products, fried bagged foods, animal and pet foods, processed foods such as rice, wheat and cereals. Design and dimensioning of production line according to a need of each client, manufactured in stainless steel and with Certification for use in the food sector. Automated system with state-of-the-art technology, worked with specialized factories and with many years of experience in the field. We provide technical support before and during the installation of equipment, we organize personnel training in use, as well as guarantee and after sales support. TECHNICAL SERVICE: Advice and training before and during the installation of

  • METAL DETECTOR IN FOOD Equipment for metal detection in the food production line, used in the food industry to detect and eliminate the presence of any type of metal. Installed in the production line at the entry of the raw material, during the production process and also in the final packaging stage. It is established as a critical management point for certification according to HACCP recommendations. The objective of these equipment is to avoid contamination with foreign metals during the food production process. The equipment that has the transport tool is maintained at the time of the change of the presence of metal, hay equipment of analog and digital control panel type, very easy to calibrate and that has calibrated

  • UP N GO CUSHION – ORIGINAL PRODUCT First cushion designed to help lift the seat to older adults or with problems in the body of the leg, allows to lift the seat without external help and difficulty, the lift cushion helps to get up regardless of the weight of the person up to 136 Kg, without using electric motors or expensive devices. Oriented to the elderly, the elderly, the elderly, the elderly or people with muscle difficulty in the legs. The system detects the movement to get up and immediately activate its hydraulic and springs system to do it without external help. Very simple to transport and lightweight, in addition it will offer a total independence to the user for

  • This is the occasion when we present the SMAEL brand, we are authorized distributors to offer and sell the brand. We are working with a watch factory that designs its own models and manufactures the original models with excellent quality. Made with first class materials and packed with a presentation in a luxury metal box. CLOCK FASHION CASUAL DESIGN FOR MEN AND WOMEN Luxury design in metal and plastic. Aquatic up to 50 meters deep. Alarms, lighting and time format 12/24. Battery life of up to 3 years. Quality resistant strap. KEEP IN MIND: The team can buy OEM without brand or can place the logo, it depends on minimum purchases. You can buy from 1 unit for samples and

  • We present the latest generation robots for the home, the cleaning robots with vacuum system, cleaning and floor mopping. We also have window cleaning robots that work automatically. All models are controlled by remote control or also with an application from the smartphone. The factory has international certifications CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS and robotics specialist for home. ROBOT AUTOMATIC VACUUM CLEANER – CONTROL WITH SMARTPHONE The new robot vacuum cleaner of last generation, there is no other equal in the market. The robot has functions to clean, mop and vacuum the house automatically. It does not need intervention, everything does it alone. It does not fall down the stairs. Avoid obstacles. Go up the carpet. Schedule and supervise the work

  • On this occasion we present the equipment designed for the mining of Bitcoins, make your mining farm cryptocurrencies with original equipment of the Antminer series of the Bemetech brand. Original and new equipment, with 6-month factory warranty, wholesale. We have catalogs of different models of mining equipment, as well as video cards, multi-card computer, power source and accessories. All include the complete equipment + source of original power and also included the shipment by air courier. Totally new equipment, shipped from China from original supplier Buy original, import yourself and we will send it to you by courier service door to door, at no additional cost. We are in China, we have an office in China and Hong Kong. It

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